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Getting Started

Fitocracy on iOS

Welcome to the Fitocracy app for iPhone

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The Basics

Get to know the basics of Fitocracy

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Account & Settings

Manage your account, notifications, and profile

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Using the Feed

Learn how to follow, use filters, and groups

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Workout Management

How to find and track workouts, exercises

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Fitocracy Hero

Become a Hero and learn to wield your power

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About Fitocracy

So who built this thing?

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Fitocracy Coaching


Earning credits with referrals, or using gift cards.

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What is Fitocracy Coaching?

Learn about Fitocracy paid options for training guidance

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What are Plans and how are they different from Teams or One:One Coaching

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What are Teams and how are they different from Plans or One:One

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What is One:One and how is it different from Plans or Teams

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Canceling your subscription

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