Jawbone UP Integration

Connecting your UP with Fitocracy

1. Log in to Fitocracy  on the web
2. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and then click on Account Settings
3. Click on Networks
4. Click on the "UP by Jawbone" option
5. Sign in to your Jawbone account

From then on, your Fitocracy workouts will show up in your UP account!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My UP by Jawbone app activity says I just lifted weights, but I didn't, I did something else!

UP by Jawbone has 20+ different activity types to choose from, currently we only support running, walking, lifting weights, swimming, elliptical, cycling, stationary bike. If your activity was wrongly categorized as one of these types, let us know and we can update our end!
2. I logged one workout on Fitocracy but it created a bunch of different workouts in my Jawbone Up. What's the deal?
UP by Jawbone doesn't let you track a detailed workout, only different types of workouts. We decided to log one for you for every specific type of workout you did.
3. Why does it alway say 55 minutes of weight lifting?
The UP by Jawbone platform if time based. Since we don't capture time information for your workouts we had to pass in a default value. We think that 55 minutes is a nice average amount. Feel free to update on your Jawbone device.
4. Why is the calories burned count so low?
The Jawbone API attempts to guess the calorie count from the information provided, although it doesn't do a very good job. We have noticed though, that if you edit and resave the workout on jawbone, it updates the calorie count to something more believable.
5. Why don't my badges, level ups and quests sync to jawbone?
Coming soon!
6. I want to remove my Jawbone connection.
Go to Fitocracy Settings > Networks > then click Remove next to Jawbone UP logo. This will stop Fitocracy from posting to Jawbone. You can also revoke Fitocracy from your Jawbone App settings.

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