Runkeeper Integration

Earn Points for your Runs, Walks, Cycling and more by importing directly from Runkeeper!

How it Works

  • Connect your Fitocracy and Runkeeper accounts (see below)
  • Use the Runkeeper app as you normally would: Run, Walk, Swim, Cycle, Tricycle! 
  • Every hour, Fitocracy will import Runkeeper workouts and track them on your account.
  • You can directly import it by going to the Gear icon at the bottom right of the Track page

Connecting Runkeeper with Fitocracy

  1. Log in to Fitocracy on the web
  2. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner and then click on Account Settings
  3. Click on Networks
  4. Click on the "Runkeeper" option
  5. Sign in to your Runkeeper account and allow Fitocracy to access our data
  6. From then on, your Runkeeper workouts will show up in your Fitocracy account!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities get imported?

We import Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Rowing, Elliptical, Mountain Biking and Hiking

Runkeeper is connected but I don't see today's workout in Fitocracy!

The import into Fitocracy isn't instant. We poll Runkeeper every hour and load in your workouts and this can take longer if you're logging through an app. You can directly import it by going to Track page on the website,clicking the gear symbol in the lower right corner, then selecting Import Runkeeper.

My Runkeeper workout is showing up on the wrong day!

We use the exact timestamp that Runkeeper gives us. Unfortunately we don't have access to your timezone information from Runkeeper so we have to assume it is UTC time. This may cause your workouts to appear in the past or in the future. If they change their API we will look to include this TZ info.

Before this update, Runkeeper worked fine for me. Now it is messed up! Why can't you put it back!

Runkeeper may have worked fine for you, but it worked very poorly for lots of users. Here are just a handful of things that were occurring previously for our users: workouts were getting randomly deleted, inability to edit a Runkeeper workout, duplicates being imported over and over, confusion about how to "import" a workout.....the list goes on. Product development is a complicated process and requires us to triage all issues and decide which to fix. Since we can't allow things to be deleted/overwritten randomly, we decided fixing that problem outweighed the other issues.

Where are my workouts from before February 25th!

Due to the change we made to the integration on that specific day, workouts from before that can no longer be imported. Sorry for the inconvenience! So you can still get points, we suggest adding them manually.

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