When do I receive my workouts and diet help?

Team Fitness group is targeting fat loss or body transformation, things like your current body composition and any medical conditions should be considered when setting a goal. Your coach may ask you to take  a picture of yourself at the start of the program to compare for results when you have completed the team training. You don't have to, of course, but it may help encourage you when you begin seeing changes (never feel pressured into posting a picture into the general community).

If you are in a Team Fitness program that is geared towards improving strength or setting new personal records, your current lifting experience and personal best numbers should be used for setting a goal. Discuss with the coach any specific numbers that you are hoping to achieve.

Where can I connect with trainers and other team fitness members?

Fitocracy Team Fitness Group has discussion and information from other team fitness members, past and present. It is a good place to ask about every thing from fitness and diet to help with using Fitocracy. 

Our trainers are also members of this group; they will sometimes post client transformations, articles and videos with training advice, and any discounts they might be offering to their programs.

I'm unable to continue my program, how do I cancel?

Go to   Team settings and select cancel. 

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